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Striving to upgrade the life quality of the elderly people that are sick, alone and physically handicapped, Caritas has initiated a home and day care programs.

Home Care is a program intended for the elderly people that are sick or physically handicapped. The project employs staff teams that visit the homes and help the elderly in need. The teams consist of nurses that offer the services of measuring blood pressure, changing clothes, washing, physiotherapy etc. If needed the nurses will clean the house, cook, visit the pharmacist, bring groceries or do any other house if needed. In cooperation with volunteers, the program also offers psycho-social help.

The day care centers are intended to those elderly that are alone, exhausted or under stress and wish to socialize with other people, sing, dance etc. under the watch of the nurses. If a person is not able to come to the day center, Caritas will provide the transportation.

The day center offers literary workshops, cultural manifestations, socializing and conversation. The blood pressure and sugar levels of the visitors are measured twice a week.

In this project Caritas cooperates with a lot if institutions that are of great assistance. These include health, nursing and social centers, as well as the local authorities.

Thanks to our donators, all the services are free.


With the help of EU the Home Care project exists in Subotica, Bar and Niš.
Thanks to the donation of the German government, the project is also active in Zrenjanin, Novi Sad and Sremska Mitrovica.
Thanks to the Caritas network the Home care project exists also in Ruma, Šid, Stara Pazova, Aleksinac, Šabac and Valjevo, and in Montenegro in Podgorica, Cetinje and Tuza.